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My Hair (2020) by Nande Walters
Based on my written piece from the summer of 2019, I talk about my journey with my hair as a black girl.
Nande Walters (she/her) @nandewalters + nandewalters.com
I'm an artist, writer, and filmmaker based in NYC and South Florida. I make narrative films and personal and research-based documentaries. I started Kickback to bring all of my talented friends together and celebrate the fact that we freakin make stuff!
an exercise in reobserving time (2020) by Anahita Amirshahi
This project is a hybrid experimental documentary I created during my first few weeks back home during the beginning of the pandemic, exploring my present headspace and recent memories through diegetic sound and silent captions over footage from both NYC and California.​​​​​​​
Anahita Amirshahi (she/her) @anahitarose + anahitarose.com
I’m a multimedia artist, guerrilla filmmaker, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Much of my work is created with little to no crew, and it is mostly personal and centered around my own self-described visceral female experience. I make narrative, experimental, documentary and hybrid short films, and write both screenplays and poetry exploring different facets of my identity and perception.
sheikh ji (2020) by Zakriah Razzak
A personal doc I used as a sandbox to blur the lines between my own story and the story of my immediate predecessors in Pakistan, exploring mixed-ness, converging stories, and the generational trickiness that is navigating and discovering your own sexuality. Framed by a recorded conversation between my mom and brother.​​​​​​​
Zakriah Razzak (he/him) @zakrriah
I am a Brooklyn-based narrative/hybrid filmmaker focusing on gay storytelling and the feminine cinematic eye usually from a lower class, South Asian, or Islamic perspective. Major emphasis on experimental or alternative ways of creating and creative outlet.
Hannah’s Boat (2020) by Miranda Potter
A short animated documentary film exploring fond memories that exist in the wake of bitter ones. 
Miranda Potter (she/her) @m1randanp + mirandapotter.myportfolio.com
Filmmaker and video artist based in Brooklyn with roots in South Texas. 
V and The Day (2020) by Licmi Animations
V and The Day is a 3D animated short film. It was inspired by Langston Hughes and Roy Decarvara and their collaboration of “The Sweet Flypaper of Life”. In my short film animation, I wanted to highlight the leisure life of Black and Brown people. Their works were a huge influence on my film and the surrounding purposes of my film. The story highlights the daily commute of Black and brown people in the 125th subway station in Harlem NYC. The trip involved two characters V and Rodney, where they both meet for the first time on the train. The film is made to uplift moments of connection between two people. As well as To take deep study and appreciation for moments like these. 
3D artist, painter, and creator from New Jersey. I use my voice as an artist to center my conversations around creating art for the Black and Brown community rather than creating art about the Black and Brown community. In doing this the conversation exemplifies our truth.
Journey for Light (2020) by Vinny Sacchetti
I made a storybook-style animation following a fictitious, walking skeleton character on his journey to visit the moon in outer space in order to very literally represent abstract concepts I was struggling with understanding within my life such as space, time, grief, and love.
Vinny Sacchetti (he/him)@bozo1080p + @vinnychas
Vinny Sacchetti who puts out music under the title “Bozozo” is an artist who predominately works with sounds and multi-media visuals with a goal of portraying abstract concepts in a way that is universal and fun for the whole family!
Men Who Taught Me Chords - Music Video (2020) by Jamison Lung
An animation for my buddy Grant Pavol’s forthcoming single Men Who Taught Me Chords in all its warble-y melodramatic glory!​​​​​​​
I'm Jamison Lung from Philadelphia PA, a graphic designer based in NY. I make convoluted graphics and hypnotic animations with an emphasis on ornamentalism! And I make really weird music too...
Diary Of A Teenage Girl - Movie Intro (2020) by Meg Bryant
I made this video for class, and I really loved working on it. I’m not super experienced when it comes to videography, and it was my first time working with after effects. I tried to focus on the idea of youth and coming of age: the mixture between adult and child life when you’re in your mid-teens. 
Meg Bryant (she/her) @bluechanges
I’m Meg Bryant. I’m a photographer and graphic design student based in ATL and NYC.
The Man Who Killed God (2019) by Zenzelé Clarke
When a girl learns her boyfriend has murdered God, she is overcome by fascination. A beacon in their dying relationship is found in this unbelievable act of violence. This short film explores themes of power and interpersonal dynamics in romantic relationships.
Zenzelé Clarke (any pronouns) @chimizenpai
A multimedia artist based in South Florida. I make movies and visual art with the goal of exploring existential and surreal themes in relation to everyday life.
Philosis (2019) by True
The Greek “philos” means “loving”. The latin “osis” can be translated as “abnormal condition”. In this far too personal hybrid-narrative-doc I look back on my past relationships, being abused and being abusive, and how my schizophrenic brain processes these memories.
True (she/they) @velournewports
Originally from Oklahoma (we don’t talk about that), now I live on a boat between Brooklyn and Queens. I make movies (get in touch if you want the link ((linked above)) to my feature before it hits Prime). Thank you.


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