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Night 1 and 2 Recordings here:
Night 1
Jamison Lung (he/him) @brandnewbuick
Graphic Design, 2022 I'm a graphic designer and illustrator who dabbles in animation and some video!
Friendship (2019) A little documentary I made on the friendship between two friends, and what is friends? Made for freshman 4D final.
Nande Walters (she/her) @nandewalters +
Film 2022 I’m a film junior from South Florida. I’ve really loved editing the past two years and enjoy making experimental documentaries and coming of age narratives.
Nande in Quarantine (2020) A time capsule of moments at home. Sometime in March 2020.
Zakriah Razzak (he/they) @zakrriah
Film Junior I am a Brooklyn-based experimental/art filmmaker focusing on gay storytelling and the feminine cinematic eye usually from a lower class, gay, South Asian, or Islamic perspective. Major emphasis on experimental or alternative ways of creating and creative outlet.
sheikh ji (2020) A personal doc I used as a sandbox to blur the lines between my own story and the story of my immediate predecessors in Pakistan, exploring mixed-ness, converging stories, and the generational trickiness that is navigating and discovering your own sexuality. Framed by a recorded conversation between my mom and brother.
Lisa Jennison (she/her) @lisa.jennison
Film Junior Hi! I'm Lisa, I'm a 3rd year film student at Pratt. After taking Non-Fiction I, I became fascinated with documentary film and decided to make it my focus. Being able to capture a moment of reality and present it in a way that is unique to the filmmaker is something that I want to perfect and be known for some day. 
Are You Recording Me? (2019) After going through all my family's home videos, I realized that not one moment was spared from my father's old camcorder. The good times, the bad times, and the times that felt inappropriate to preserve in the first place. I wanted to create a message that sometimes the worst of ourselves are kept behind closed doors or get buried in boxes in the attic, but that doesn't mean they never existed.
Anahita Amirshahi (she/her) @anahitarose +
Film/Video Junior I’m a multimedia artist, guerrilla filmmaker, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Much of my work is created with little to no crew, and it is mostly personal and centered around my own self-described visceral female experience. I make narrative, experimental, documentary and hybrid short films, and write both screenplays and poetry exploring different facets of my identity and perception.
Girl, Removed (2019) A young woman impulsively travels to New York City alone, ignoring her mother's calls throughout the trip. As the initial magic of NYC begins to wear off and things go south, she must decide what her next move is.
3D Animation 2022 3D animator, I love to write and paint I also sing. I’m from New Jersey 
V and the Day (2020) Studio Film class 3D animation. Film takes place in contemporary Harlem 125th street station. Two lovers meet for the first time and begin a friendship that starts by chance on a subway cart.
Isaac Losacco (he/him) @losacco_art
2D Animation Senior I  have always adored watching all kinds of cartoons, especially classic Disney movies. I am one of the biggest Disney nerds you will meet. At Pratt I have been a part of the event planning committee Program Board, my favorite events being the off campus trips to Broadway, as I am also a big musical fan, but am awful at singing myself. However, that's not gonna stop me from singing Disney songs at any karaoke night, character voice impressions and all. 
Ghosted (2019) Made for Pratt course Animation Studio 3, this film involves the Rotoscoping technique which is when you animate over live action reference footage. This short follows a ghost trying to scare people who ignore him because they are consumed in using their technology (only the people are what is rotoscoped). All of the photos in the backgrounds I shot myself as well, and I provided the voice acting for the ghost character.
Yajarrah Paul  (she/her) @jarrrahh
Film/Video 2021 I am interested in making fantasy realism videos and I act in my own films to go through the psychological process of being the character and director. 

AGH (2020) Fashion Film - AGH is about An eco lavish queen is being held hostage by self exiled morphed creatures called the Grumshers.
Yessenia (she/her) @yessenia.sanchez21
Film/Video 2021 I’m a senior in Film from California who loves working in post production.  As a Latina filmmaker, recently I’ve wanted my work to touch on areas and themes that I can connect to and that others can relate to on a similar level. Whether it's fictional or nonfictional story making or a hybrid of the two, I hope my work sparks conversations and brings curiosity to my viewers.

Las Cosas Sencillas (2020) portrays the dynamics of two different generations, two cultures, and two languages coexisting altogether in the simplest, most authentic way possible. I wanted to bring something on screen that’s becoming more and more relatable with today’s generation and following generations, especially those who come from immigrant families and backgrounds.
Film Senior I’m a Director/Cinematographer at Pratt. 
The Venus Circle (2019) After years of dealing with their boss's harassment at work,  a group of co-workers takes action to form a life-changing plan for revenge. Made for my Junior Thesis class.
Maxfield¬†Biggs‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Ä謆(he/they) @maxfieldbiggs
Film/Video 2020 I'm a NB artist, Anarcho-Syndicalist, Pratt grad, and activist hoping to resonate with even one person for an overall positive change in the world. 

Stomach Of The Earth (2020) Filmed entirely in NYC parks with a zero-waste set, Stomach of the Earth is a story about relationships, loneliness, survival, and the shared connection to Earth. In an objective landscape of stretching trees and wild nature deep within the Southeast American woods, the film focuses on two climate refugees surviving separately, with civilization in the rearview mirror.
Esen Arikan (she/her) @esenfilms
Film Alumni  I'm a Turkish filmmaker who likes to explore themes of interpersonal relationships, intimacy and mental health. I mainly edit and direct. 
Tiptoe (2020) This was my thesis film!  "Noah, an insecure middle schooler suffers a momentary blackout which she struggles to explain to her mother, who has already made her own assumption of the incident."
Genevieve Mecklenborg (she/her) @genevievemecklenborg
Film 2019 I'm currently writing and developing new work, living in upstate NY while the pandemic rages on.

Sheleg (2019) After her first love abruptly leaves her, a girl revisits her memories, forced to face the reasons why the relationship ended. (Thesis Class)
Night 2
Grace Conley (she/her) @grapeconely
Film 2024 Hi! I'm Grace Conley, an incoming freshman and film major. I'm from Philadelphia and I love to craft :) 
Are You Still Scared? (2020) A mixed media portrayal of how fears change as you grow up, I made this film towards the beginning of quarantine as a way to say goodbye to the former chapter of my life.
Rohan Subramaniam (he/him) @rohan_2711
Film Sophomore I come from New Delhi, India. I'm super passionate about fashion/film and mixing those genres together (sustainably and ethically). I wish to get into grassroots politics and activism back home when I'm done with school. I also am an advocate for averting the climate crisis and better representation and platform sharing for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists in the film/fashion industries. 
Use Me (March 2020) I made this film for Fiction 1. The prompt was to construct a film on our personal crises. We could make it as abstract and/or emotional as possible and had to allow our audience to guess what our crisis is. My personal crisis was the sexual encounter I had had. I am always confused by sex, by what I want, how sexual I am, or who I want to have sex with. I've often resorted to tinder and that has led to horrible experiences. I wanted to make a film representing one of my sexual encounters, what went into it, my emotions, and my thought process.
Kiernan Francis (he/him/his) @bigknives +
Sophomore 2023 I’m very interested in fringe queer coming-of-age stories, and most of my work  explores the psychological sensations of queer young adulthood. Being both Black and queer has inspired my ideas that thrive within experimental or fiction storytelling.  I also have a strong passion for photography. I’m from Chicago.
Rent Boy (2020) A young man walks the street at night for money. This project was made for Eliza Hittman's Fiction I class.
Max (he/him) @walter_the_occultist + @moque.furs
Film Sophomore I’m Max and I’m a Pratt film major from Russia. There’s a bunch of other stuff but I’m not sure how much in depth I should go with this.
Dear Citizens (2019) A young soviet art student decides to burn his university down as a performance art piece. 
Ryder Hall (he/him) @rydercycle
Film Junior I play bass, think too much, and I want others to see the world from a new set of eyes.
City of Dreamers (2019)  Short documentary that details certain events from random individuals who came to New York City hoping to achieve their dreams. (Nonfiction Video 1)
Nicole Majewski (she/her/hers) @nicole_majewskii 
Film/Video Senior Nicole Majewski is a narrative and experimental filmmaker currently studying at Pratt Institute. Born and bred in New York, her work weaves psychology, magical realism and personal experiences to create colorful and unique films. 
In Memoriam (2020) An experimental documentary compiled from found footage depicting life in Poland under the communist regime. Made for Expanded Cinema.
Mia (she/her) @internet_blue
Film Senior I am a multimedia artist and I like to make experimental films. Lately I have been creating fashion. 
Infini (2019) Infini is an experimental short film made using human bodies to create patterns and images for the viewer. This is my junior thesis for Fiction 2.
James Orr @james_orr122
Film Senior I'm a 23 year old filmmaker from Upstate, NY
The World That Became (2020) The World That Became is a film I made for a film competition. We had two weeks to write, shoot and edit everything. The theme of the competition was to inspire the world after the events of 2020.
Joanne Lee (she/her) @joa.nnes
3D Animation 2022 Hi I am Joanne :) I am a Junior 3D Animation Major. I am inspired by magical girls and women with big weapons. I think about food and sleeping a lot which inspires a lot of my work as well.
Barry on Top (2020) This was my studio film for sophomore year. It is a film about an ambitious strawberry who goes on a journey to the top
Celic Ruiz (she/her) @the_celic
Third-Year Architecture  I'm from Laredo, TX, a border town.  I'm Mexican and speak Spanish fluently.  I'm in the Tennis Team but have only played once due to a knee injury & COVID.  I have been in and out of physical therapy since March, and after experiencing how hard it is to do simple things every day, I want to focus my future work in making spaces that are more inclusive to all types of bodies and disabilities beyond the typical ADA guidelines. :)

Walk through of exterior of Addition to The Japan Society in Manhattan (Spring 2020) 2nd Year Design - Cinema addition to The Japan Society 
Grace Zhang (she/her) @grocpot
Film/Video 2020 I'm a narrative, documentary, and experimental filmmaker and recent graduate of Pratt. I currently edit at 88rising and freelance as a producer for films and music videos.

mind - min.a (2019) Music video for my very talented friend min.a. We shot this in February 2019 outside of class, but most of the crew is made up of Pratt students/alumni
Ashley Marzulla (she/her) @ashleymarzulla
Film, Super Senior  Hi! I'm a film major from a goat farm in Virginia. I have a pup named Cannoli and 2 cows named Agnes & Edith. I have a degree from Pratt in Graphic Design/Illustration, and I'm currently working on my second degree in Film.  
My works include exploring themes of mental health and trauma based on my own experiences and using my background as an illustrator to create metaphorical images that reflect those emotions. 

Only Thou & I (2019) The Memory of Water. Placing her hand within the water, a woman is reminded of her last love. Blurring the lines between past and present, she relives the memories of their time together and battles the decision of moving forward with the pain, or remaining the past. 
Class: Light Design. Professor: Ramsey 
Angie Nicholas (she/her) @nickolaevskaya +
Graduate  I'm a recent Pratt graduate. I've created a variety of narrative short films, music videos, and experimental pieces at Pratt and am now pursuing a career in video editing both for narrative filmmaking and other digital content (music videos, promos, etc.)
Submerged (2019) After experiencing a series of foreboding nightmares, a young Russian girl discovers a metaphysical connection, linked through water, with her dead grandmother. Made for a Junior Fiction Class final
Valentina Huek (she/her) @valentunahueck +
Film 2020 Valentina Hueck is a Venezuelan American filmmaker who emphasizes on expressionism and memory. Since graduating from Pratt Institute in the Spring, her thesis film has screened at festivals and she is pursuing a career in editing, sound mixing or screenwriting.
To Marry an Alien (2019) Tensions rise when best-friends rush into a green-card marriage
Agustina Biasutto (she/her) @agustinabiasutto
Film 2020 I am a Pratt Film/Video graduate from Argentina and Miami. I focus on Cinematography and work in the camera and grip and electric departments. 
La Indefinible (2020) This is my thesis film and it is a hybrid documentary about Latinas
Anika Guttormson (she/they) @anika.e.g
Pratt 20' Film I am a 22 year old filmmaker from Houston, Texas who graduated in May with a BFA in Film and a minor in Art History.
What Goes on Inside a Cocoon (2020) Thesis film made in Eliza Hittman's thesis class.
Katharine Cutler (she/her) @katharinecutler +
Film 2020 I just graduated in May and am now based in NYC. Currently working on my first feature script.
Valley Girls (2020) Maya and Jenny are best friends who end up crushing on the same guy, but when he asks Maya to Prom, their friendship changes. (Thesis)
Eileen Yoon (she/her) @_eileeny_ +
Film 2020 I'm a Korean American director of photography and director. My interest in various art forms aides me to use color and meticulous framing to push a narrative forward.
Chimera (2020) Present day moments in New York lead Ayeon to reflect on her childhood in Seoul as she redefines her idea of home. (Thesis)


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