Virtual Events

Mag•a•zine Panel Event
A panel discussion on the world of zines and magazines, digital and print. From design to printing, 9 zines and indie mags share their process and inspiration. Hosted by Kickback and Art and Type Magazine, with several panelists including Noise Art Magazine, Oral Rinse Zine, SPEW Zine, Stuck in Notes, Color Club NYC, All My Friends Zine, and Team Mag.
Black Gallery Showcase
Decolonize Our Classroom Presents: Kickback with GFM. February 26, 2021 7-9 PM EST via Zoom! Featuring V3ralyn, Mr. Dufflebag, Alex, Najeh, Dakotah J, Brentleigh Greene, Malik English, Guapo, Caesar, Eliezir Lompo, Amouri Edwards, & Nande Walters
IG Live Pre-Release Party
We're celebrating the zine's release with an Instagram Live showcase of interviews, musical performances, and more. Almanac has been a huge collaborative effort and we want you all to meet some of the faces inside the zine. Join us 12/30 from 4-9:30 PM EST on @kickback.shows and @0ralrinse!
Music Performance Night
Kickback is having a special Music Performance Night!! When was the last time you saw your friends perform? This is the night you can again (virtually of course.)
Kickback x Pratt Student Films
Welcome to Kickback and Pratt Orientation's student film screening! :) Hosted by Nande, Yessenia, and Loan. Friday 8/21 and Saturday 8/22 at 8pm EST These amazing films are made by a variety of majors, current students, and alumni! Enjoy the show! 💛🖤
Summer 2020 Film Screening
Welcome to the first Kickback event! Bringing together a variety of filmmakers with documentary, narrative, and animated work.
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