Almanac Logo by Ellie @ell.html and setlist poster by Naomi @1000bugs
Cassie & Nande introduce the show and explain what Oral Rinse, Kickback, and Almanac are! @0ralrinse + @kickback.shows
Meg Bryant Interview (@bluechanges)
Yailenne/Para Las Mas Mujeres Interview (@loving_cancer @mujerwoman__)
Mirella Acoustic Set (@mirella.bk
All My Friends Zine Interview (@allmyfriendszine)
30-minute break!
Ellie Grever Interview (@ell.html)
Sophie’s Dream Experiment Set and Poems (@dimwittedmom)
Ruth in the Bardo Acoustic Set (@ruthinthebardo)
Rasmus Hammarstrom Interview + Charity Auction (@lamestitch)
Frankie and Cassie - Behind Closed Coors Convo (@mycupidshuffle @spicy.brusselsprout
Cassie & Nande - Where to get the zine! (@0ralrinse + @kickback.shows
30-minute break!
Realms Set  (@rreeaallmmss)
Berlan/Manic Pixie Dreamcast Interview (@berlqn)
Morning Forever Set + Interview (@morning.forever)
Ingrid Raphael Camera Demo + Q+A (@movingbodyofwork)
Cassie & Nande - Closing (@0ralrinse + @kickback.shows)


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