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Decolonize Our Classroom x GFM x Kickback
Event: February 26th, 2021
Featuring V3ralyn, Mr. Dufflebag, Alex, Najeh, Dakotah J, Brentleigh Greene, Malik English, Guapo, Caesar, Eliezir Lompo, Amouri Edwards, Nande Walters
Putting you on to black artists you should know about.
New posts all February long!
Writing: 02/05
Film/TV/Video: 02/12
Visual Arts: 02/19

A Kickback x Oral Rinse Zine
Release: December 31st, 2020
IG Live Pre-Release Party: December 30th

4 guest filmmakers and film-lovers (Malu, Zakriah, MJ, and Berlan) share some of their favorite horror movies. Project Led by Zenzelé!

Money donated will support upcoming printing endeavors and events!
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Venmo: @nandewalters
An ongoing showcase of artists commerce!​​​​​​​
Mariarosa Rizzi, Oakland Osprey, Cassandra Bristow, Stuck Around, Anahita Amirshahi, Maya Cardinali, Order by Disorder, and Nande's Shop!
NEW: Kickback Stickers!
Q&A Interviews: Video and Written!​​​​​​​
Round 1: Zakriah, Anahita, and Ash
Round 2: Devon, Licmi, and Hadi
Round 3: Tori, Zenzelé, Teeze
Round 4: Meg, Olive, Cassandra
Highlighting all kinds of artistic projects!
#1: Trez Santos, Teeze, Domino, Concept Collective
#2: Denton, Zenzelé, Vidhu, Malik English, Johnny Champagne & Kinsleyiii
#3: Jhariah Clare, Sqwid, Cassandra Bristow, Tr4gic, The Summit
When was the last time you saw your friends perform? This is the night you can again (virtually of course.) 
Via Google Meet - November 21st at 7PM EST!

Kickback and Pratt Orientation's student film screening!

These amazing films are made by a variety of majors, current students, and alumni!
Welcome to the first Kickback event! Bringing together a variety of filmmakers with documentary, narrative, and animated work.

Bi-monthly updates on events and artists + occasional polls and surveys.
Add your info to this if you freelance, do commissions, or are looking collab with others, etc.
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